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We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of the primary companies based in India offering a wide range of solutions and services based on most advanced technology solutions in Security, Power backup & Solar ( A complete solution for your home and office such as complete home and industrial automation, integrating access control, security, survelliance auto controls of your lights using remote control and touch screen. GSM interface of any of your home consumer products like inverter, ups, washing machine, security cameras to get all updation on your mobile when ever you want to direct control and access. Our wide range of products and home security solutions includes access control system, security systems entrance / gate automation wireless light controls, interface of all of your home devices on your mobile make us different from others in terms of providing latest technology and features to get better comforts in present era of life.


Features of GSM Home Security System

When customer starts security device with an each touch/push switch before moving out of office or house, to activate the device. It will activate the security sensors which are especially designed by Fortuner for critical applications. It alerts on security break and on any motion or movement in your office/house/car. it will immediately alert via call & message to owner.


To make this security most advanced we add some more features:

  1. Module device regularly sends the message and makes the call till the customer will not make the return call or message to the module.
  2. As module recognizes the Movement, in same way it also senses the fire and smoke and makes creates the alert call and sms.
  3. Also, it alerts the nearby public or police station using hooter alarm so than any one reach to help.
  4. In anyways, if customer forgot to open the security module, than module sends the message to the customer that it has forgot to start the security module and then customer have an option to start the module through message.
  5. Security systems are of two types, wireless and with wire.
  6. In our next updated module, we are providing the facility of video calling, so that customer can check the live status of their home/ office / car by making a video call to the module and easily check online status on their mobile phone from any part of the world and if car was stolen by theft than usin GPRS technology you can easily track your exact car location easily.