We believe to maintain quality products using solar cell from MOTECH , with which have a tie up & deal with transparency and honesty with our associates & we look forward to have good long term business relation with your company with assurance of reliable supply and support . "FORTUNER" Crystalline Solar Module is imbibed with the following features and specification:

1. Best quality solar cells from MOTECH with anti reflection coating for higher rate of absorption.

2. Low Iron tempered Glass gives higher rate of transmittance and more Power.

3. 'Triple Layer back-sheet' helps in excellent environmental release of dust, dirt, smog, etc.

4. EVA with better shrinkage minimizing the power loss.

5. 3 bypass diode, water-proof junction box of best in quality delivering high power output and minimized power loss.

6. Best Quality 'Anodized Aluminum Frame' provides high wind resistance and convenient mounting access.

7. Solar Modules made as per the IEC- TUV and UL standards with strict appearance check and performance test, which guarantee the high quality standards.

8. Best Suitable for Grid Connected Systems.

We assure the best quality and reliable supply from our side always and looking forward to develop good relation with your company as our Trusted Distributor in Africa for Solar Products.


Solar photovoltaic modules - range from 3Wp - 300Wp