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  1. Water is Life, Save Water, Save Motor, Save Power, Safe Life.
  2. Fortuner Automatic water level com indicator saves water and protects motor and reduce electricity bill.
  3. Fortuner ensures 24 hours water supply without letting the overhead tank to become dry.
  4. Plays the role of switching ON/OFF motor and saves motor from running dry.
  5. Fortuner is a technically advanced product with AC sensing technology that meets every performance criteria.

Why Should you buy Fortuner ?

  1. state of the art AC sensing technology.
  2. We provide free technical advice and fast installations.
  3. Best service and warranty support.
  4. All warranties and after sales service and handle in-house through our distributors, dealers and sales network.
  5. In business since 1998.
  6. Friendly and knowledgeable staff, above thousand happy customers.

Salient Features of Fortuner

  1. True AC sensing technology.
  2. Auto cut off during high and low voltage fluctuations.
  3. shows clear indication of  water levels in the overhead tank and sump.
  4. Indicates voltage variation (Green indicator for normal voltage, Red indicator for high or low voltage).
  5. Feather touch buttons to operate.
  6. Indicates auto and manual models of operations as well.
  7. Motor ON condition.
  8. Auto cut off during motor Dry run.

Our Product Range

  1. Regular
  2. Double Tank Controller
  3. Triple Tank Controller
  4. Multi Tank Controller
  5. Manual Change Over
  6. Auto Change-Over for Two Motor(Sump & Bore)
  7. Timer Unit
  8. Heavy Duty Apartment Model
  9. Auto Timer Reset(Low water source Bore wells)
  10. Wireless Water Level Controller

Applications : Our products are Suitable for

  1. Independent House
  2. Apartments
  3. Commercial Complexes
  4. Hotels
  5. Hospitals
  6. Residential Colonies
  7. Industries and Wherever water needs to be pumped
Some Other Unique Features

  1. Capacitance based Liquid Level Indicator/Controller
  2. Monitors and indicates tank & sump levels in 1% steps
  3. Programmable tank & sump level for motor control
  4. Low and high voltage trip Dry run sensing and trip
  5. Field calibration for any tank or sump size
  6. 2 wires interface to tank and sump sensors
  7. Only tank monitoring option (Bore wells)
  8. Distilled water level sensing
  9. Low wiring cost and very easy to program
  10. 2 wires to tank and sump from respective sensors
  11. LCD display or LED display (different models)

Controller Picture with Working Diagram